"You are what you eat...you are what you eat eats too"

-Michael Pollan



60 Minute Consultation


This service is individual specific and addresses the client's concerns and needs. These counseling sessions are best when continued, but don't need to be as such. Initial consultations may take longer than 60 minutes, but will not be charged in excess of 60$. Consultations will result in a clear care plan that addresses the client's goals. These sessions benefit those who are interested in preventative health care, medical nutrition therapy (condition specific) and weight loss. This service will eventually expand to include Skype-counseling for those who want the freedom of internet consultation.


4 Session Package


Savings of 10 dollars a session. Other deals available contingent on commitment.


Personal Cooking Classes


*Plus ingredients

This service is designed to make new ingredients and recipes accessible to everyone. Maybe you feel bored and uninspired in the kitchen, a feeling everyone has at some point or another. Whether you are trying to change your nutritional habits and need help cooking, want to improve and expand your kitchen skills, or simply want to throw a unique party , this is a wonderful way to liven your kitchen and motivate toward nutritional balance and healing. Get a group of friends together and call it a party, a cooking class can be a fun way to get friends together. Cooking classes are also ideal for children,  this is a social activity that involves and empowers children in their own path to  nutritional education, preventative healthcare and healthy habits. These classes can easily be individualized for interests and goals.



What is bok choy, and where in the **** does it live in the store? If this is you, perhaps a grocery store run-down would be helpful. Many people become familiar and comfortable with certain ingredients and recipes. When someone receives a nutritional care plan with seemingly foreign ingredients, the grocery store can seem daunting. In order to properly assimilate a new nutritional lifestyle, a grocery store tour could be quite helpful.

MEAL PLANNING & Menu Development


This service is broad, including meal planning for individuals, events and businesses. This is ideal for those who need help improving their diet and incorporating fresh new recipes into their repertoire. Starting or updating a restaurant menu can be time consuming and frustrating, employ someone who specializes to help ease the burden. This service is very helpful when planning an event such as a wedding, family reunion, party, river trip and beyond.