"To treat disease, you must seek out its roots"

-Suwen 5


Kate Stoddard

I am Kate Stoddard, a dedicated healer. I have a masters in the science of nutrition (MScN) from the National University of Natural Medicine. I am a nutrition counselor and consultant, capable of creating nutritional care plans for individuals who: need medical nutrition therapy, want to lose weight, struggle with gut-integrity or allergies, or simply want to expand their knowledge on the topic of nutrition. I approach healing with a holistic perspective, taking into account the whole person and the roots of illness. 

Growing up in Idaho, I was gifted with an innate love for nature. My intimacy with nature has instilled in me a great appreciation for her limited resources and bounties that sustain our fortunate but temporal existence on earth. I believe that the health of the environment is one and the same with the health of the individual and it's societies. This understanding has given me a passion to use my time here to educate and heal the individual to create a healthier world. We are all connected, and our personal growth effects the environment that surrounds us.